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violin/viola practice [Apr. 29th, 2016|11:54 am]
Originally posted by harmpoem at violin/viola practice
another day another ponder,

it's only natural that the fundamental changes i have made to my left hand technique are not ingrained in my playing yet.  In the practice room, yes, but not under any sort of pressure.  possible solutions: pay more attention to how you play in the practice room, make conscious observations.  James dunham once told me that certain aspects of playing are not meant to make sense, he used the phrase "smoke in mirrors"  it was in reference to vibrato...the fact that every finger hits the board at a slightly different and yet must all sound equal and move similarly.  I agree that mystery is a beautiful thing, but i think this sentiment should be reserved for the aesthetic nature of music, not the physical technique.  I only say this because it may lead to a pounding head up against a wall, hoping for improvment...i speak from personal experience.

There are correct ways of looking at problems, and you know it when you come across one

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